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Hello to all...If you are looking for a beautiful, quality job and exquisite results with the wooden floors in your home, then look no further than Steve Shaffer and his competent staff of Shaffer Flooring !

A re-cap of my experience: I am building a new home and was looking for a very specific light, wide plank white oak floor for the entire downstairs. I had ordered a pricey truckload from Carlyle Flooring, it arrived and was totally the wrong color-way too dark from the approved strike off samples. It was removed and I was back to square one in my search for light, whitish flooring. A friend told me about Mr. Shaffer, I met with him, told him what I was looking for and his amazing process began of mixing assorted combinations to get the exact result I was seeking. I bet Mr. Shaffer made 20 different sample boards for me to review , remember he is trying to come up with a formula and color based on what I am describing verbally, so kind of difficult??? He never gave up, said I will keep experimenting to get you the color and result you want.

And WOW, did he......

He made a stunning sample for me with many
planks , so I could get a true feel and look for what the installed flooring would look like in assorted lighting conditions.

All I can say is, he is a master craftsman, and truly the best guy in the business in our area....look no further for all your wood flooring needs....for pricing and a quality finished job --this is the only call you need to make!!!